Welcome to the Rob Michael Landing page

On Twitter I'm @AtmosTrio-- in real life I'm guitarist Rob Michael. 

For the past couple of decades I have been "Living the Dream" of an active professional musician and I have enjoyed a very successful private teaching practice in the San Francisco Bay area.

I lead the Atmos Trio, an instrumental guitar trio which features myself, Joe Shotwell and Drew Waters. We gig frequently in the region and hire ourselves out as sidemen for recording and performance purposes.  You can find our music on iTunes or on CDBaby.

I do music and music technology related clinics. Also a fair amount of consulting with audio pros who find themselves cussing and fussing with their gear too much.

Apparently, I can string a sentence or two together as I occasionally do work as a freelance writer for music magazines. 

If I can be of service, give me a call.

Contact: Rob Michael