Pay What You Want (even nothing...) for "Atmos Plays Waters" for the next 24 hours.

Enjoy the latest album by the Atmos Trio "Atmos Plays Waters." This album features the amazing compositions of Drew Waters and includes sheet music for two of the tunes.

You are invited to download the entire recording, FREE of charge, or you can exercise your option to pay ANY price you like.

Happy Holidays!!">Steve by Atmos Trio

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The Musician's Tales: Stories from the Trenches #cheesegigthrowdown

I was exchanging some gig stories this morning and the trend continues.

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Rob testifying the "Spam Blues" on Ustream

Every Thursday, I play a solo jazz guitar show right out of my home studio. From my perspective, it's The Hippest Thing Ever!

On this particular Thursday, I was being pummeled by spammers and well--it gave me the blues.

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This week's "Forgotten" Atmos Trio tune: Bill Frisell's "Is It Sweet?"

From a July 2004 session, "Is It Sweet" is a classic Bill Frisell piece that features a really cool "drunken" feel in the groove and some folky- country-blues tones.

Again, I'm offering a tune we played out of the love of playing. There are no edits or overdubs here.

Is It Sweet? I think so...

  <span><a href=" Is It Sweet  by  AtmosTrio ">Is It Sweet</a>  by  <a href=" Latest tracks by AtmosTrio ">AtmosTrio</a></span>   <a href=" Is It Sweet  by  AtmosTrio ">Is It Sweet</a>  by  <a href=" Latest tracks by AtmosTrio ">AtmosTrio</a>

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Another "Forgotten" Atmos Trio track: Stephanie's Soliloquey (2004)

This offering is the sixth in an on-going series of "Forgotten Music"
that has been rediscovered after years of languishing on a hard drive.
this music was never intended for release, but after sitting all this
time, has been considered worthy, at least, to share. it may be that a
"Forgotten Album" will emerge.
Recorded in July 2004. Atmos Trio  wasn't
even recording an album--just sight-reading some charts. This is
another beautiful Peter Sprague  tune we
used to play during our Monday morning jam sessions.
This song is something of a rarity in that it does not feature solos
but instead, features the composition itself as the main character in
this particular music tale.
Features Rob Michael  on
guitars, Joe Shotwell on bass and Jeff Obee on bass.

Stephanie's Soliloquey  by  AtmosTrio

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Atmos Trio Monday morning sessions: Miles Davis' Solar

The Atmos Trio first started out as an excuse to play in a very conversational way. We were (and still are) seeking a musical discussion that required no words. We were out to explore group improvisation but hopefully present it in such a way that it almost sounded composed.

For a time, our method of operation was to converge on my studio each Monday morning, throw up some mics, hit RECORD and just play. Here is a result of one of those session from July 2004.

Never intended for release, this recording of Solar really was a happy accident which was captured to disk. We played it and moved-on. Only during a later review of the session did we realize the level of musical interactivity that had apparently occurred earlier that day.

Here is your invitation to eavesdrop on our conversation.

Solar  by  AtmosTrio

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Solo Jazz Guitar take on "Don't Know Why"

Continuing my efforts to liberate hard drive space is unearthing several forgotten little musical treasures. 

My offering for today is this solo guitar version the tune Nora Jones made such a huge hit several years ago. Like everything I've shared via Soundcloud, this track was never intended for release, just something I rediscovered and thought may provide someone with temporary respite from the pressures of a Monday.

Please enjoy with my compliments and pass it along if you think someone else might dig it.

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