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Interaction is Where the Action is

In the spirit of the DIY credo, artists have been busily starting accounts on various Social Media web services in effort to promote their wares. MySpace, FaceBook...the usual suspects; Fueled by the idea that now, at long last, the 'playing field as been leveled,' and everyone can now find all 'my stuff.'

The flip-side--no one is interested in being marketed too. It's spammy and impersonal--so, please,  just knock it off. 

These tools, if used effectively, can be used to engage. Not enrage!!

Case-in-point: I have been fascinated by solo bassist Steve Lawson's amazingly effective use of Twitter to connect with his audience. He even managed to book an entire US Tour via Twitter.

He did this by conversing with people--not talking 'at' them.

Inspired by Steve's success, I set about changing my own approach. Rather than thinking: Promote, promote, promote... I switched to, inform, invite and engage people. This little paradigm shift has had some interesting results.

One is that I've connected with some incredibly talented people. Several of whom I would likely never met otherwise. Many are within a 45 mile radius of where I live--but never met. I had the good fortune to meet Ariane Cap, an outrageously talented and versatile bass player. Shortly after meeting via Twitter, we played a gig and will likely continue to do so. For non-musos, you should know, great bass players are worth their weight in gold.

The amazing part is that Ariane and I have lived within 3 miles of one another for four years, and didn't meet until we connected on Twitter.

Others include bassists Jeff Schmidt and Steve Uccello with whom a House Concert is being organized. 

The point isn't so much about which tools you use, it's actually holding a conversation with people. To be 'real' and genuine is. Why should anyone care otherwise?

I have been cultivating valuable relationships on FriendFeed as well. Whether learning about other tech driven services like or finding interested/ interesting people who may be interested in hosting a House Concert, buying CDs or viewing your videos. It's all there.

Just remember, it's about the connection, the conversation. Be Social.