Cool Services I never knew I had for free--taken away

For several years, AT&T/ SBC/Yahoo--whatever they call themselves these days, has been the service through which I receive my phone/DSL and other services. They suck, though probably no more than their competitors. I have heard tales of woe about pretty much everyone. 

Like the time my Promo rate DSL contract ran out, they decided to charge a $50/ mo. When I checked their web site, the fastest DSL service in my area was $25. I called them on it and they made it right--but it left a bad taste in mouth.

Today I received this email:

Honestly, I never knew I even had a Flickr "Pro" account and now I have only one month with it--unless I'd care to pay for it. Had I known that I had this "Pro" account, I would have likely used it instead of the free Picasa account that I use for much of my photo hosting.  Honestly, I spend so much time baby sitting ATT's billing department for erroneous charges that I apparently miss-out on some legitimate content that comes from them in my criminally large pile of junk mail.

Who knows--maybe they provide free health insurance, parking or a shoe shine service as well. I would be none-the-wiser.

Is it just me? Do you know what (so-called) perks you have access to as little add-on items to the services to which you subscribe?