Rob Michael & Todd Johnson let it flow on the Ustream

Bassist Todd Johnson joined me last Thursday on my Ustream Show. He's a master musician and a super sweet guy that I'm happy to count as a friend.

Here we are having a musical conversation on Luis Bonfa's Manhã de Carnaval.

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Rob Michael & Steve Uccello: Travels (Pat Metheny)

Here is another excerpt from my Ustream show from last Friday that featured bassist Steve Uccello.

This is 1980's-era Pat Metheny tune that touches on the more country/ folk side of things. It's Hope you like it.


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Rob Michael & Steve Uccello explore the Jazz Classic "Autumn Leaves"

Often viewed as a "Jazz 101" kind of tune, Autumn Leaves has to be one of the most commonly played and recorded standards of the idiom. In terms of playing an entire set, this meeting was the first time Steve Uccello and I had played together and that is the perfect time to cherry-pick from the Standards repertoire.

Based on the Cycle of 5th's, this tune is a remarkable vehicle for improvisation.

Dig it!!

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Excerpt from Live duo show featuring SteveUccello and I - Pionsenka Dla Stasia (Song For Stasia).

Though I typically play these shows solo, yesterday, I had the good fortune to have Monterey-based bassist, Steve Uccello come to the studio to join me during my first Ustream concert of the year. Steve and I met via Twitter last year and together organized a wonderful house concert. It was super cool to play again.

Look for more of these excerpts in the coming days.

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