Rob Michael and Jason Parker hanging with tomorrow's Jazzers.

My friend Jason Parker and I played a fun duo gig this past Friday at Addison Elementary School in Palo Alto. Jason is one of my valued connections that I've had the good fortune of making via twitter and his excellent blog. Having had many great online discussions, we decided to meet and play this gig together.

Jason went to school in this neighborhood as a youngster where he was turned-on to jazz and the trumpet by none other than Dizzy Gillespie some 35 years prior.

We, hopefully, brought that experience full-circle by playing some tunes and taking questions from the students. I was super-impressed with the attention that these kids gave to the music and the intelligence they displayed via their questions and observations. Kudos!!

Here is some of the music that we played just 10 minutes after meeting one another.

</object>Blues  by  AtmosTrio

</object>Bashert  by  AtmosTrio

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