Yoshi's SF w/ Joe Henderson Memorial Big Band

Joe Henderson Memorial Big Band

Though the Atmos Trio is one of Rob's most visible musical outlets, there are plenty of other settings in which the keen listener can find him: One is the "Joe Henderson Memorial Big Band." This group is lead by long-time Joe Henderson sideman, trumpet player Warren Gale Jr. "Warren has a deep understanding of Joe's music and it's a real privilege to be playing alongside him, as well as many of the other world-class musicians in the band: it's a super-strong collections of musicians. It's also a real challenge to, not only play this advanced modern music authentically, but to have to follow one of Warren's masterpiece-grade solos with an improvisation of your own---it's a 'kick in the backside' that I welcome--but sometimes I think: 'What am I supposed to play after THAT?'

The “Joe Henderson Memorial Big Band” performed at Yoshi’s San Francisco.

Here is the band playing Joe's "Short Story."

Warren Gale
John Christensen
Dave Fava

Jules Rowles
Chuck Bennett

Mel Martin
Pete Yellin
Jean Fineberg
Dave Tidball
Jim Rothermel

Rhythm Section
Rob Michael: Guitar
Dave Udolf: Piano
Paul Smith: Bass
Bob Belanski: Drums